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The key competence of our agency – providing full-service interactive marketing services.

We are interested in cooperation with clients, who’s goals include:

  • Increase sales
  • New brand/product launch
  • Promotional campaigns

It is most likely you are well aware of the new opportunities offered by web and interactive communication channels. But you may not have enough experience in their implementation.

In most of the cases web remains “terra incognita”. Companies try to keep up-to-date, implement innovations necessary to satisfy target audience needs and new market demands. However, they do not always have the answers to the following questions:

  • How to measure ROI on web-marketing investment?
  • How to integrate web into the marketing-mix?
  • How to implement digital strategies on a global scale?

Contact us to receive answers to the above questions, we will provide necessary information and will offer you solutions:

Business processes and digital strategy


Problem identification, Opportunity realization, Priority setting

Competitor analysis, Best practices study, Web-strategy development

Development experience


Using successful experience in online products development, Management

Website, database, functional units, advertising mediums, multimedia products, content development

Web-technologies – planning and implementation


Creation of web-channels to cut costs and increase sales

Media planning, Information and systems architecture of web-products, Technical requirements specification formation, Creative briefs, video-production briefs, multimedia, content, banners & commercials creation

Multichannal integration


Infrastructure creation, Touchpoints system support

Communication elements integration to provide higher performance

360° Degree Communication

We provide the full circle of interactive communications. We service our clients on the basis of 360 Degree Communication. We provide all types of services in the sphere of interactive communications: from advising brands on new media opportunities to the analysis of integrated campaigns.

We are always result-oriented, focused on planning and implementation of the interactive solutions of any level of complexity and strive to achieve maximal effectiveness.

We offer integrated solutions, creating all the necessary elements and providing project management, as well as separate products ad hoc.


The first thing we do, when we get a new client, we do the Market review, Competitor review and Consumer review of the client’s business. We need to ensure we have the firsthand knowledge of client’s goals in the context of his marketing strategy.

The Communication strategy and campaign planning is later based on the Media audit, Benchmarking and continuous Trend watching.

Each communication solution undergoes a thorough Results/ROI аnalysis, so that the next solution we develop is even more effective.


Today brands strive to attract their customers attention. We create branded content that offers value to the user, the content he is willing to interact with and share with his friends. We create a unique idea, capable of delivering the right message in an eye-catching format ( colors, images, sounds, associations, unconventional approach, the right mix of words).


We do not only invent all of the elements of the communication strategy, we also produce them. We have our own production studio, where we create websites, widgets, multimedia applications, interactive services and other promotional products. Our own photo and video production studio (ZUM) can service an integrated advertising campaign by producing professional photo-, video- and audio- products.

The work on a website does not end with its creation and launch, it needs to be kept alive, to be updated. For this purpose we provide full website support.

Internet Advertising

The fastest and the most simple way to attract users on the web is the banner advertising and context advertising. We have the resources to chose the most appropriate platforms, place ads effectively and evaluate each advertising medium. To make the campaign fully integrated, we have a pool of partner agencies, which will transfer it to the offline channels (TV, radio, press, Outdoor and BTL).

Promotion and communication channels

Web offers plenty of opportunities to meet the consumer (apart from direct advertising), not less than in a well-explored offline-world. Search portals, our personal e-mails, blog that we read in the morning, our cell phones, ICQs, Skype, even the favorite coffee shop – everything becomes a meeting point for customers and brands.

The diversity of ways to interact with the consumer is limited only by the imagination of the advertising agency and brand’s readiness to embrace new communication tools, as the technology advances with each coming day.

Does Google know you exist? How do you want your customers to find you then? Search marketing, Your personal e-mail, which is registered in the numerous web accounts, is an essential part of life of many users, almost as important as your identification code. Do you know the e-mails of your customers?
E-mail marketing.

Is your company discussed online? Do you participate in this conversation? Social media marketing

Everyone has a cell phone today. But does your customer have your brand in his cell phone? Mobile marketing

Cool link, should I forward it to you? Viral campaigns

Is that true or professionally created plot? Guerilla marketing

On=Off, where else would we meet? Geomarketing